Emma Connolly


Hello, my name is Emma Connolly, welcome to my store.

I live in Bedfordshire and work from my garden studio. I create tactile ceramics and atmospheric oil paintings.

A little about my process: My ceramics and paintings are influenced by my garden, the hedgerows and the weather, typically British I know.

Each piece of pottery is hand built at a slow and considered pace and no two pieces are the same. I use seed heads and pressed flowers to create patterns in the clay and I carve the designs of wild flowers and birds. There are six stages of making that goes into each piece.

My paintings are mostly in oil and are created by layering paint over a period of time. I use a restricted palette often using only three or five colours and the hues I use are inspired by the seasons, landscape and architecture. I paint mostly contemporary landscapes or abstract although I have been known to paint the odd floral piece.

I'm afraid I do not take commissions as I find this restricts my creative process.

A little about me: I enjoy working on my garden and growing flowers, the whole process grounds me and gives me absolute joy. I sell flowers at my garden gate, keep hens and spend a lot of time daydreaming.

I am a self taught artist although I am from an artistic family so there was a degree of teaching, but other than pottery night classes I never went to art college.

I hope you enjoy browsing my store.