Hello, my name is Emma Connolly, welcome to my store.

I live in Bedfordshire and work from my garden studio where I create tactile ceramics, paintings and dried flower wreaths.

A little about my process: My ceramics are influenced by my garden, the hedgerows and the weather, typically British I know.

Each piece of pottery is hand built at a slow and considered pace and no two pieces are the same. I use seed heads and pressed flowers to create patterns in the clay and I carve the designs of wild flowers and birds. There are six stages of making that goes into each piece.

I paint in both oil and acrylic, often landscapes with a statement sky or abstract flowers.

A little about me: I enjoy working on my garden and growing flowers, the whole process grounds me and gives me absolute joy. I sell flowers at my garden gate, keep hens and spend a lot of time daydreaming.

I hope you enjoy browsing my store.